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Our menu is constantly being refreshed and updated so please check back¬†here soon ūüôā

Morani's Home Made Gelato
Waffles & Crepes
Morani's Sundaes

 Cookie Dough from £5.95

  • Hot cookie dough with choc chips, served with any available Gelato
  • from our display counter.
  • Jumbo Brownie Banana Split : ¬£9.95
  • Hot brownie base on chocolate sauce with fresh whipped cream, vanilla & brownie gelato, banana slices, sprinkled with nuts.
  • Waffle Stacker: ¬£12.95
  • Stacked waffles with strawberry and chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream, gelato and fresh strawberries.
  • Special Milkshake: ¬£3.95
  • Made from your favourite Gelato served with whipped cream.
  • Some of our flavours:
  • Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno, Oreo Cookie, Mint choc chip,¬† Snickers, Bounty, Salted Caramel, Brownie, Mango Cheesecake, Blue Bubblegum,
  • Strawberry,
  • Gelato Milkshake: ¬£3.50
  • Made from our Homemade Italian Gelato.
  • Choose any flavour of Gelato from our display cabinet.
  • Fruit Juice: Fresh Apple or Orange ¬£1.95
  • Coke / Diet Coke (330ml glass): ¬£1.20
  • Fanta / Sprite (330ml glass): ¬£1.20
  • Bottled Water: ¬£1.00
    • House Blend Teas
    • Pot of Tea with milk: ¬£1.75
    • Stash Tea:(Flavoured) ¬£1.95
    • High quality tea bags that deliver on flavour and aroma. Flavours: Please ask a member of Staff.
    • Leaf Tea (3 cup tier pot): ¬£2.75
    • Earl Grey
    • A classic blend from India, China and Seylon with hints of Bergamot. Like the English Breakfast blend, this tea can be brewed with or without milk and enjoyed throughout the day.
  • Other
  • Steamer: ¬£1.95
  • A glass of hot steamed milk mixed with flavourings of your choice (Caramel, Vanilla or Irish Cream).
  • Morani’s Hot Mocha Special Coffee: ¬£2.95
  • A special milky coffee & chocolate topped with cream, chocolate sauce and dustings.
  • Simply Hot Chocolate: ¬£2.35
  • Frothy hot chocolate made with steamed milk.
  • Special Hot Chocolate: ¬£2.95
  • Frothy hot chocolate topped with cream, marshmallows, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.
  • Frappe: ¬£3.95
  • A special cold blended drink made with ice, milk, flavouring (Vanilla, Mocha or sticky toffee) and a shot of espresso.
  • Coffee
  • All our coffee is selected & blended for us by Limini Coffee.
  • Espresso: ¬£1.65
  • A shot of intensely flavoursome and rich coffee.
  • Espresso Macchiato: ¬£1.95
  • Espresso topped with a little cap of foam.
  • Americano:¬† regular ¬£2.35
  • Espresso coffee blend with hot water (black or white).
  • Flat White: ¬£2.45
  • Espresso topped with milk and a small amount of foam.
  • Decaf Coffee:¬† regular ¬£2.45
  • Full bodied flavour.
  • Caffe Latte: ¬£2.40
  • Espresso topped with velvety smooth steamed milk.
  • Skinny Latte: ¬£2.40
  • Espresso topped with velvety smooth skimmed milk.
  • Morani’s Speciality Latte: ¬£2.95
  • A shot of flavouring (Caramel, Vanilla, Irish Cream, Gingerbread or Hazlenut) mixed with espresso and steamed milk.
  • Cappuccino:¬† regular ¬£2.75
  • Espresso with smooth steamed milk and glossy foam, finished with a light dusting of chocolate.
  • Babycino: ¬£1.50
  • A cup of foamed milk topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Allergy Information

Morani’s recognises the needs of it’s customers. However, wheat, milk, soy, nuts and seeds are used in creating our gelato. We can not guarantee ingredients do not contain any of the above allergenic substances as we have open kitchens where cross contamination can occur.


We hold a Alcohol Licence.

Some of our products contain alcohol.